Chottu contesting Northwest Guadalcanal seat


Thirty-five-year-old Simon Chottu is one of the candidates contesting the Northwest Guadalcanal constituency seat this coming joint elections on April 17.

Mr Chottu is from Kiribati and India. He is a born Solomon Islander and raised up in Guadalcanal. He is married with three children.

Speaking of Chottu’s work experience, he started working in 2011 as a logistics officer at Gold Ridge Limited HV and later became a Gold Ridge HV’ s Maintenance Planner. In 2014, due to one of the cyclones, Gold Ridge closed down. He was with the last group of people evacuated via helicopter because of the road’s bad condition.

From then he joined and worked at Heritage Park Hotel, Hailie’s Entertainment and Chottu’s Guadalcanal Products.

He said he chooses to be the voice for, he chooses to lead Northwest Guadalcanal and he chooses to develop Northwest Guadalcanal.

Chottu’s slogan is “Voice blo you, time blo umi” (your voice, our time) and runs with a symbol of Wheel or ship’s steer.

Chottu is affiliated to the Ownership Unity Responsibility (OUR) party, this political party underpins the country’s unity and solidarity as a Nation. OUR Party was founded and established in 1996, prior to the 2010 National General Elections. The party’s vision is focusing on achieving sustainable national unity through the facilitation of the requisites of improving the socio-economic livelihoods of all Solomon Islanders.

Chottu said that if he comes into power as a parliament member his visions and plans are as follows; family home, health, education, employment, market, economy, road, entertainment, sports and church.

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