Arrest over suspected sabotage of twin otter



A Solomon Airlines personnel has been arrested in Munda following suspected sabotage of a Twin Otter plane on Friday last week, it is reported.

Witnesses say the incident occurred around 4pm that day, in which the suspect was said to deliberately puncture the tyre of the plane with a sharp object.

They add that the incident happened in front of the Munda airport.

Noro police say the suspect had been accompanied to Honiara via the dash-8 plane later that day to Honiara.

Witnesses say the incident stemmed on an argument between two personnel of the SolAir over flight rescheduling – one had wanted to spend the night in Munda, while the suspect had insisted on returning to Honiara.

It is understood that the Twin Otter was flown back to Honiara the next day (Saturday) after a technical team from Honiara were flown over to fix the problem. No injuries was reported.

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