Caution issued for cross-border registrants in Guadalcanal

Cross-border voters in Guadalcanal are urged to exercise great caution to register elsewhere as they may jeopardise their chances to vote in the coming national general election.

The warning was issued following unconfirmed reports that another vessel carrying potential cross-border registrants is heading for East Guadalcanal in the coming days.

Registration Manager, Guadalcanal Province Freddie Don Ricky said aspiring cross-border voters who intend on registering in another constituency other than the ones they have previously registered might ran the risk of having their names removed from the final voters list.

During the objection and omission phase of the voter registration process in November, names of cross-border registrants maybe removed where local residents objected to the inclusion of names in the provisional voters list, he said.

To avoid this taking place, it is advisable that eligible voters remain at their respective constituencies to vote.

He said in the situation where the names of cross-border registrants are objected and removed from the provisional voters list, the names of such registrants may cease to appear altogether, effectively denying the voters the chance to exercise their voting rights.

Already cross-border movements have resulted in much agitation and unease amongst ordinary local residents who see the influx of cross-border registrants into East Guadalcanal as an attempt by intending candidates to influence the outcome of the national general election in their favour, he said.

Ricky said his office has requested police presence at the registration centres in East Guadalcanal throughout the registration period as disgruntled local residents have taken to intimidating and harassing cross-border registrants during the past week.

“Cross-border registration in East Guadalcanal remains a potential security concern until voters in other constituencies and provinces refrain from going there to register.

“While there might be financial or material inducements on offer for eligible voters to register there, they must thoroughly weigh the consequences of undertaking cross-border registration to avoid any mishap that might result in their disqualification,” he said.

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