.. NSC Jump the Gun in Appointing SINIS Executive Director


THE National Hosting Authority (NHA) is currently making attempts to meet with the National Sports Council (NSC) Board following the appointment of the new Executive Director opted by the NSC to be in charge of the National Institute of Sport (SINIS), which is yet to be officially handed over to NSC and the National Olympic Committee of the Solomon Islands (NOCSI), through the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

During the first phase handover of the seven Pacific Games facilities from the Government through NHA to NSC, NOCSI, and MHA last week, the Former Prime Minster who was also the Minister for the Pacific Games 2023, Manasseh Sogavare, clearly stated that according to the Pacific Games Act, all facilities will be transferred from NHA to NSC after the games.

He also confirmed that besides the first seven facilities that were handed over to NSC, another four facilities will be handed over later. SINIS is one of the four facilities yet to be handed over to NSC.

While NHA is yet to officially hand the High-Performance Center to NSC to look after, the NSC CEO made an early appointment of a new Executive Director moving in at the SINIS Executive Director office this week.

NHA Executive Director Christian Nieng told SunSPORTS that NSC failed to discuss the matter before making the appointment of the new Executive Director to look after the facility that is yet to be handed over.

“The NSC Board knew about the change in policy as was mentioned by the Caretaker PM in his statements during the handing-over ceremony last week.

“NSC Board, however, went ahead and announced the new appointment without having the courtesy to consult NHA.

“We planned to hold a joint NHA/NSC board meeting but the NSC board even went ahead with their decisions without meeting with the NHA Board,” Nieng said.

The NHA Director added that they are making attempts for the two boards (NHA/NSC) to meet, but clearly, NSC’s actions contrary to the announcement of the Caretaker Prime Minister is of a concern which they hope to be cleared at the two boards’ meeting to be convened urgently.

“NSC has signed several venue use agreements even when the land titles and the properties are still under NHA.

“It’s interesting to see how the CEO of NSC drives the NSC business.

“They have been taking revenue from the venues and depositing the cash into their accounts even before the venues are handed over to them,” Nieng told SunSPORTS.

Sogavare during the first phase handover of the Pacific Games facilities revealed that the four facilities that are still under NHA and will be handed over to NSC at a later date include, the Solomon Islands National Institute of Sports (SINIS), Multipurpose Hall at East End Sports Park, Sports Legacy House, and Administration at the Sport City.

Meanwhile, this week, NSC has appointed Andy Roosen, a former NSC part-time consultant, and current High Performance Director, as the new Executive Director for SINIS.

Roosen welcomed the appointment and confirmed that this week he commenced as High Performance Director for both NSC and SINIS.

SunSPORTS tried to get further clarification from the NSC CEO and Chairman, but they were not answerable.

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