Concerns arise over voter registration conducted in Central Honiara

Residents of Central Honiara are calling for the South Seas Evangelical Church (SSEC) to take action against its workers involved in the voter registration process.

Allegations have emerged that an elder from the SSEC’s Matariu church branch falsely witnessed for an individual from another constituency to register in Central Honiara.

The elder reportedly claimed to have a personal connection with the individual, justifying their eligibility to vote in Central Honiara.

Critics argue that such actions do not align with the high moral standards expected of church elders, and they suspect political affiliations may be a motivating factor. They believe the elder in question supports the current Member of Central Honiara, Alfred Efona.

Residents are urging the SSEC Headquarters to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter, especially since it involves church elders directly engaging in politics.

Meanwhile, the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) has voiced its concerns regarding cross-border registration issues within the electoral system.

Jasper Highwood Anisi, the Chief Electoral Officer of SIEC, emphasized that, despite provisions allowing individuals to register in multiple constituencies, the problem of cross-border voting persists.

Anisi stressed that genuine connections to a constituency, such as blood relations or residency, are essential for eligibility to vote in that constituency.

These developments highlight growing concerns about the integrity of the voter registration process and the need for oversight to ensure fair and lawful participation in elections.

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