CAUSE project for Auki PIU to lapse soon



SCHEDULE for the Community Access and Urban Service Enhancement (CAUSE) project for Auki will soon come to an end.

The project has been in Auki for the past years and number of infrastructure projects involved bridges, Jacob’s ladders, footpaths and ablutions had implemented in and around Auki.

The project was funded by World Bank International Development Association to replace Rapid Employment Project that operated in Honiara years ago.

Resident and Works Supervisor for CAUSE Auki Project Iimplementation Unit (PIU), Mr Joe Uiamanu Ruriti told SunAuki yesterday.

“At the moment, we are working on the last two infrastructure projects for Auki and surrounding communities before the project lapses.

“The projects are Ambu community hall and Molou 250-meter footpath. Implementation of Molou project is underway and expect to complete by the end of the week.

“For Ambu, we also hope to complete the project soon as we look forward to work closely with the community in implementing it,” he said.

Ruriti furthered that apart from the infrastructure projects, CAUSE clean-up program continues along Auki main road and suburb roads of the town.

He said during their tenure in Auki, CAUSE has contributed a lot to the development of Auki town and its suburb communities.

Ruriti said that whilst official timeframe for the project will lapse, MPG can still renegotiate the program if they want extension.

He said Malaita province has other suburban centers; Malu’u, Afio and Atori and project might expand to these centers if it is to be extended.

“For now, the project is coming to an end and we hope MPG and CAUSE will decide on the future of the project for Malaita province,” Ruriti said.

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