Peace and forgiveness highlighted in sermon


Bishop Tome and clergies.

PEACE and forgiveness was highlighted in the sermon at St John the Baptist church in Koli village yesterday.

In an area where disharmony often arises from land dispute and other family matters, this message couldn’t have come at a better time.

Being Easter season in the church calendar of the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM), peace and forgiveness was highlighted as crucial.

In his sermon, the preacher said peace is not present in the homes and communities because family members do not allow God to into their hearts.

He said problems in the communities continue to rise because people have distanced themselves from God.

Only by allowing God into our hearts will we have peace within ourselves and in our communities, he said.

“Suppose you had a fight with your sister or brother, mom or dad and you are not on speaking terms yet, than you had not really celebrated Easter.”

He said some had been fasting this Lenten season and probably shed some kilos but if they still hold a grudge against someone, than it doesn’t mean anything.

Procession into church.

“Because Easter is about forgiveness. Easter is about change of mind.”

He also encouraged everyone to look to the future with a positive mindset and not to dwell on the negatives of the past and also challenged the congregation to have faith.

He said faith drives us forward daily even through hardship.

“Never back down by the problems of the day. Remember Romans 5.”

Romans 5 speaks of peace with God through faith.

He said only by having faith and having a positive mindset can one rise above the challenges of life.

Members of congregation sitting outside during church service.

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