Wale calls on Minister Avui to resign

LEADER of Opposition Matthew Wale has called on the Minister of Lands & Housing, Ishmael Avui to issue a public apology and resign from his portfolio.

Failing which, Wale said the Prime Minister should immediately remove Minister Avui from Cabinet.

The call comes after a leaked audio recording of the Lands Minister threatening to slap the Commissioner of Lands if he did not comply with the minister’s demand to grant government land and a house to a close political crony of the minister.

The Opposition Leader said the minister who is a long time senior public servant simply knows better.

Wale urged the Prime Minister to sack the minister if he fails to resign from Cabinet.

“The threat of violence made by the minister is a criminal offence and the commissioner of police must investigate,” he said.

Further, Wale called on the Leadership Code Commission to look into the possibility of misconduct in office by Minister Avui.

The Opposition Leader said the Minister has brought the name of the Government into disrepute.

Wale adds that government policy is very clear that there is no sale of government houses.

He said it is extremely disturbing that the minister himself is threatening violence against the commissioner to force him to breach government policy.

The Minister cited humanitarian grounds as the basis for his demand but Wale said this is a mere cover up to reward a political crony.

“If this is valid ground then there are many retired public servants that should be accorded such opportunity,” he said.


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