Three adult men have been killed in a tragic incident at King George Sixth area over the weekend after a large rock loosened off from its hilltop position and tumbled down the slopes and crashed on dwelling home killing the men inside as it rolled down the slopes.

The substandard dwelling home where the men were staying inside was built beneath a cliff towering above the home.

Police have yet to issue an official statement about the incident however unofficial reports reaching the Island Sun yesterday stated that the men were playing card games on the balcony of the substandard building built facing the pathway of the rock.

When the rock loosened from its position it rolled downwards destroying the part of the home where the men were sitting and killing them as a result of the crash.

No further details have been released following the tragedy, however according to neighbors the recent rainy weather was blamed for the loosened rock.

It was reported that the two men were brothers from West Kwara’ae in Malaita Province whilst the other deceased was their in-law from Maringe in Isabel province.

A doctor at the National Referral Hospital has confirmed the death of the men.

Meanwhile, people have taken to social media to convey their sympathy following the tragic death of the men.

Attempts to get comments from the Police Media yesterday was unsuccessful.

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