Mysterious bus conductor praised for his dress code


An unnamed bus conductor has shot to fame on Facebook overnight after a picture of him neatly dressed with a necktie was posted on the popular Facebook group YUMI TOKTOK Forum.

Commentors have taken on Facebook to praise him for his dress code, fun character and politeness.

The unnamed conductor’s photo (PICTURED) was posted in the YUMI TOKTOK Forum by Benjamin Afuga has raked up 350 comments, 1.2k likes and people are praising him for his dress code on YUMI TOKTOK Facebook Page.

Others have commented that his dress code should be a role model on how a bus conductor should be dressed.

Neatly dressed with a long pant, a long white official sleeve and a necktie, his picture was captured somewhere in Honiara city.

Soon after Mr. Afuga posted his picture on the forum many have praised him even a kind hearted citizen has offered to buy him pair of shoes and shirts for him.

“Someone has offered to provide a new shoe and shirt for this bus conductor.

“To those that know this bus conductor, please contact me about him so that I can connect him with this good citizen. Thank you.” Mr. Afuga posted on the forum.

“I’ve been on this bus today. He’s very polite and fun. When the bus stops, he warmly welcomed passengers saying “please on-board ladies and gentlemen” and when passenger go down, he would say thank you for riding with us, have a nice weekend and do take care, hope to have you again on board with us next time. He’s amazing!” one commentor said.

The conductor’s picture has triggered fresh calls by concerned members of the public bus conductors and drivers, taxis to have decent dress code.

Bus conductors and drivers dress code in Honiara have been a subject of criticisms due to poor dress code and customer service.

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