Beulah PSS brace for worst case scenario

Beulah PSS
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BEULAH Provincial Secondary School has braced itself as future prediction of COVID-19 remains uncertain.

The school has turned back time by introducing the old system and practice where students will be distributed into Island groups and respective groups will be responsible for preparing food to feed their students with the support of the school.

The idea was brought to the school board during their meeting on Wednesday and was passed by majority votes.

Principal of the School, Frank Nagu said the idea is to ration student’s food to sustain the school during this time of economic crisis.

He said students now are working hard on gardening before going for the Easter break with expectation of healthy vegetables and root crops when the student’s return to school.

Chairperson of Beulah PSS Board, John Hopa said the initiative is an important move towards mitigating COVID-19 impact at the community level.

He adds that the idea will not only help the school to ration food supplies, but also encourages greater friendship among students.

“I remember, back then, we used to eat certain meal according to our islands. We work together to provide food for ourselves and in doing so, helped our school to reserve few funds for other important development,” Hopa said.

Commenting on the idea, Principal Education Officer of Western Province said, the idea will pave a way forward for students to become self-reliance.

“We always say that school is where students learn positive things and my view on this initiative is on self-reliance. Students will be responsible to bring food on the table and in doing so they will learn how to be self-reliance,” he said.