Premier Maka’a remind MPAs of roles in governance

Makira Premier, Julian Maka'a
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By George Atkin

Kira Kira Correspondent

The Premier of Makira Ulawa Province, Julian Maka’a has reminded members of the Makira Ulawa Provincial Assembly that they have equal significant roles to play in the governance of the affairs of the people.

He made the reminder March 23, 2021 while delivering his opening address of the 2021-2022 Provincial Budget in Kira Kira, the Provincial Capital of Makira Ulawa Province.

Mr Maka’a said it does not matter what wing members of the Provincial Assembly sit while meeting at the Chambers, be it RIGHT, LEFT OR CENTRE, “we should all unite amicably towards attaining the prime and ultimate goal of providing sound and quality services to our good people and enhancing their livelihoods.

“We simply have to work together jointly, as we should render support to none other but very Provincial Executive, in pursuing clear policy outputs and achieving outcomes.

“I remind the back benchers of the very vital role you play in the House, one for providing the pivotal mechanism that ensures checks and balances in governance as good governance provides established mechanisms such as the Provincial Public Accounts Committee and others for Transparency and Accountability reasons that allow you to play very critical roles that ensure vigilance, accountability, credibility and transparency for the Provincial Government of Unity, Reform and Advancement (GURA)”.

He said his Government welcomes people’s criticisms and advice as long as they are constructive, but if they are not, then they can be unhealthy, disuniting and without product.

But Mr Maka’a said despite the cautions, he was sincerely proud with the Non-Executive members because they had done extremely fine with their continued support for and of the government, as “our togetherness will work wonders for our people”.

And on people’s trust and confidence for Participation and Partnership, he highlighted to all Members of the Makira Ulawa Provincial Assembly, voters and people in general that as elected leaders, they are entrusted to provide sound guidance and clear vision for people’s wellbeings.

And to reciprocate to that trust, “we must all take serious heed of our people’s trust and anticipations, so much so, on behalf of the full Assembly I pledge the government’s gratitude to them.

“The government which rightly belongs to them will continue to do its best to honour its part”.

Premier Maka’a said in confidence of “our Partners and Stakeholders, I would echo the same sentiments stated in previous occasions in the Assembly, as they are hard truths and they resonate my humble but just convictions”.

He said Sub-level governments the world over struggle to ensure delivery of their responsibilities, while lower tier governments normally are overwhelmed with responsibilities that they cannot address meaningfully as they are ill resourced.

And he said whilst the Provincial Governments are subdued with a tremendously wide arrays of responsibilities under schedules of the Provincial Government Act, there are very limited resources available for them to take on these obligations as the bulk of these resources are held by the higher level of governance in the country, the National Government.

In the case of Makira Ulawa Province, the Provincial Government alone cannot shoulder the weight of its responsibilities, he said.

Mr Maka’a said the point in contention is that confronted with the adverse responsibility verses the resource situation, whether “we like it or not, the Makira Ulawa Provincial Government is at the mercy of partnership and participation.

“We are very dependent on our Partners, Stakeholders, Non-Governmental-Organizations, Donor Partners and Semi-Government Institutions which universally prop up Provincial, Local Governments and lower level sub-national governments to address the responsibilities.

“Very importantly, without them, our Provincial Governments become lame, wobbly, and are disabled to address their obligations satisfactorily”.

He said globally, lower level governments are confronted with the scenario so they knot and embrace partnerships, foster linkages with institutions and together, “we work to elevate citizens’ livelihoods”.

Premier Maka’a said at this juncture, he deemed it appropriate to sound the caution that he had in store for all Makira Ulawa Provincial Assembly Members.

And that is the scarecrow in the partnership arrangement is disunity in government which is a cancer in the Partnerships and Participation that “we seek and yearn for.

“But we must portray Stability in our government as it is rooted in an atmosphere of Trust, in which our partners will willingly operate to help us.

“Honestly, we frighten these institutions and organizations, we turn them and their resources away the moment we embark on governance upheaval practices and expose instability in our government.

“But will you join me in acknowledging the wonderful partnership and cooperation that continue to connect us with our good partners.

“The ruling GURA Government will continue to treasure, advocate and maintain the outstanding and wonderful relationships that exist with our partners and stakeholders because they are here to stay with the Makira Ulawa Provincial Government”.