Auki police closes in on producer of fake vax cards

Health workers are assisting passengers on covid-19 travel restrictions at Auki wharf.
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A man suspected of producing fake vaccination cards has been identified and is now on the police radar.

Acting PPC Malaita, Inspector Charles Eddie Koto told this paper yesterday they are “closing in on the person”.

He said Auki police are liaising with their counterparts in Honiara to track the person who is currently in Honiara.

Koto said after the recent detection of the matter in Auki; Auki police have launched investigation into it and now they know who the person is.

“We came up with the case after discovery of fake vaccination cards used by passengers in Auki and followed-up on the matter.

Provincial police and health teams set up checks in front of Auki wharf to monitor passengers on covid-19 travel restriction measures.

“Our investigation has resorted to that person as key figure and at the moment we had located the person’s whereabouts as investigation continues.

“Further investigation will be made when the person is arrested to know if other people also behind the illegal activity, but first we will get the person,” he said.

Koto said it’s just matter of time to get the person that will also broaden the police’s investigation into the matter.

On that note, he appealed to those in the province who in possession of the fake cards to know they’re within the loop of that illegal action.

Koto said Auki police are liaising with swabbing team at Auki wharf to monitor vaccination details of passengers coming and going out of Auki.

He said any person who is find with counterfeit vaccination card will deal with by the police as the action only poses threat to the current situation, hence it won’t be tolerated.