Aligegeo covid-19 centre awaits inspection

One among other facilities renovated at Aligegeo School for the new covid-19 centre for Malaita province……..Photo supplied. (1)
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Malaita is expecting its new covid-19 centre to open soon.

Reports say the centre is only awaiting inspection, before it can be approved for opening.

Chairman of Malaita PDOC, Inspector Charles Eddie Koto told this paper yesterday:

“Work on the centre had completed weeks ago and soon we will meet with the Emergency Operation team at Kilu’ufi to discuss the inspection work.

“This is the only remaining work on the centre and if it’s done all covid-19 operations will shift from Kilu’ufi hospital to Aligegeo School,” Koto, also acting PPC Malaita, said.

Chairman of EOC Malaita, Dr Rex Maukera also confirmed his team is waiting to meet with PDOC to carry out remaining work on the facility.

He said the facility is prepared for both general outpatient and covid-19 operations, thus they have decided to shift covid-19 program to the centre first as its work begins to lighten.

Maukera said general outpatient will still remain at the hospital as covid-19 situation in the province is declining, however if any changes they will look into it.

Koto said number of buildings within the school has been renovated to be used for general outpatient and covid-19 related programs as new covid-19 centre for the province.