Auki market restricts sale of products



THE management of the Auki Central Market has put a stop to the sale of certain products within the market facility since Monday.

The measures were taken in collaboration with the Malaita Provincial Government.

It was also taken in line with current covid-19 measures authorized by authorities for Auki town and the whole of Malaita province.

In a statement, the management said the sale of cooked food, jewelry, body lotions like coconut oils, pig feeds like millrun are suspended until further notice.

Business activities in Auki market have scaled down since Monday this week.

It said only products advised to be sold at the market are; root crops, vegetables, fruits, and fish.

The statement said the action was taken in light of covid-19 measures to avoid large congregation and cooked food, especially where it has a high ease of transmitting the virus.

The scale-down business activities within the market are also to make sure farmers stay at home from coming to Auki as the hotspot for the virus in the province. 

According to the statement, authorities in Auki with the market management will continue to monitor the situation and issue statement regarding the restrictions imposed on businesses.

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