Asthma drugs back in stock

The National Referral Hospital (NRH) in Honiara
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MAGNESIUM Sulphate and other related drugs are now available at the Emergency Department of the National Referral Hospital.

This is according to a Ministry of Health and Medical Services statement released this week.

The statement comes following claims by a local medical practitioner that the drugs purposely to treat asthmatic patients were running low.

“The stocks of magnesium sulphate including other related drugs have been available at the ED, however the flu outbreak had caused their rapid depletion,” the statement said.

“Alternative drugs are available and sharing of magnesium sulphate by wards to ED due to response to the influx if asthmatic patients presented there due to the flu outbreak have enabled treatment of patients,” it added.

Furthermore, the ministry says it is fully aware of the need to move these medicines out to health facilities and is working tirelessly to ensure this is done quickly.

It also confirmed that 20 medical containers arrived and as of Monday this week, 12 have been cleared and stocking up of medical drugs and consumables is continuing at the National Medical Store.  

“Urgent suppliers have been distributed to the provinces immediately after being removed from containers, while others are kept at the NMS pending requests from health facilities.

“Amongst two to three containers cleared late last week, one contained the medical drug magnesium sulphate for severe asthmatic cases and the drugs has since then been moved to NMS and the NRH pharmacy with more stocks delivered on Monday for distribution across NRH, including the Emergency Ward.”