Asian guilty of illegally harvesting tubi in Isabel


An Asian man Ngea Richard Song Sing has entered guilty pleas on three charges in relation to illegal tubi harvest on San Jorge Island, Isabel province.

Mr Sing faced one count under the Forest resources and timber utilisations act 4 as amended and ARW schedule I of the Forest Resources Illegally Harvesting of Restricted species without licence.

One count under wildlife protection and management act, as amended 11 (1), (2) and (3) ARW section 12 (1) Export or attempt to export restricted specimen under Schedule II without being an approved person and without a valid permit.

And count two of the Wildlife protection and management act, as amended 26 (b) Possession of illegally obtained specimen.

He pleaded guilty to the charges last week and his sentence will be delivered this Wednesday before Principal Magistrate Tearo Beneteti.

This is the issue where Sunrise Investment Limited violated the Isabel Resource Management and Environmental Protection Ordinance 2005, section 5 (4) by taking a prohibited species of wildlife or forest resources which is prohibited under the wildlife and protection management act.

Sunrise Investment Limited on or about mid 2019 at Korona Customary land on San Jorge island, Isabel Province committed a violation contrary to section 23 (1) of the Foreign Investment Act by conducting a prohibited and investment reserved for locals pursuant to schedule 2 of the Foreign Investment Regulations 2006, as read with or along Wildlife Protection Act 1998 section 11. 

Tubi tree is a protected tree species under the Solomon Islands Environmental and Wildlife Protection Management Act.

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