Arrival of intervention forces a relief for Honiara residents

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WITH the arrival of the intervention forces in Honiara it has given Honiara residents some hope that peace and safety will be maintained during the motion of no confidence that is scheduled for next week.

A 45-year-old woman Jacquelyn Hana said the arrival of the intervention forces from Australia, Papua New Guinea and Fiji with New Zealand personals to arrive in Honiara in the coming days, is a relief to innocent Honiara residents.

She said what happened last week is really disturbing and heartbreaking.

“Some of us were traumatized of what have happened and as a mother I am sad to see young people involved, this country’s future is in doubt if we continue with such behaviour”, Ms Hana said.

She said what happened in other parts of world now happening in Solomon Islands and while there are criticisms been made on social media regarding the call for assistance from the Prime Minister, it is good outside forces come to support the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force.

She said our police cannot control the situation as they are out-numbered.

“We have problem with our attitude and behaviour”, Ms Hana added.