Arnon Atomea to provide USP courses starting 2023


Principal of Arnon Atomea Provincial Secondary School in Malu’u North Malaita Mr Henry Bare has thanked The University of the South Pacific (USP) for approving the school to franchise the Foundation Arts Programme commencing this year.

Bare told  Island Sun from Malu’u yesterday that he is pleased after learning that the school was successful in its application to host the programme.

“I am really pleased and grateful indeed for accepting our application.

“The community was so thankful because their vision has become a reality.

“Such a setup is really needed to allow access and reduce the gap due to lack of space,” Bare said.

Bare said the community, school and people will immensely benefit from the establishment.

He said such move is not only welcoming but timely as well because it will provide  access to University programmes at the students’ doorstep.

He said this is really rewarding where fees will be cheaper and it will ease fee payers’ multiple burdens.

On January 9, in a letter USP’s Deputy Vice Chancellor and Vice President (Education) Professor Jito Vanualailai has informed the school that their application was approved in accordance with the USP Pacific TAFE Franchise Policy and Procedures.

Arnon Atomea and Kilusakwalo Christian High School were the two schools first to provide such programmes in the province commencing this year (2023).

Principal of Kilusakwalo CHS Christian Mekope also echoed similar sentiments following the approval of the school.

Mekope told The Island Sun on Wednesday this week that he is also excited about the outcome.

He said it’s a dream come true for him under his leadership to secure such a vital programme that will improve access to a university programmes.

Meanwhile, Pacific TAFE Campus Coordinator in the country Primo Ugulu also welcomed the news and describing it as very timely.

Ugulu said he is pleased to work with the schools that have interests in providing University like Education accessible to the rural communities who have the required technology.

He said he really appreciated the effort and the leadership of both schools in requesting the accreditation process to take place which consequently led to the approval.

“Their preparation is timely and that they met our essential requirements to Franchise Pacific TAFE

Foundation Arts program. Foundation Business Program will also be available to students who intend to pursue the business stream.

“In giving the offer to franchise our programs, the schools have obtained a higher status equal with any other schools around the country that offer our Foundation programs.” Ugulu told The Island Sun this week.

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