“Ark Peace” a height of SI and China friendship


THE Chinese Hospital Navy ship “Ark Peace” current visit to Solomon Islands to deliver health services was described as an epitome of the friendship between China and Solomon islands.

This is according to the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Solomon Islands Li Ming during the welcome ceremony of Ark Peace over the weekend.

“Ark Peace is an epitome of the friendship between China and Solomon Islands,” Ming said.

A female health worker inside Ark Peace explains which body parts to massage if experiencing different types of body aches.

He said the bilateral relation has made strides forward, standing at the forefront of China’s relations with pacific island countries and has been upgraded to comprehensive strategic partnership featuring mutual respect and common development for a new era since the establishment of diplomatic ties between the Solomon Islands and China.

Ming said on behalf of all the officers and men onboard the Ark Peace, commander he pays their highest tribute to honorable deputy prime minister and cordial people in Solomon Islands.

Peace Ark hospital ship.

“I want to also pay our most sincere gratitude to Chinese embassy, Chinese enterprises and institutions, overseas Chinese and China-sent medical team in Solomon Islands,” he said.

Ming said for this visit, they have brought the first-class seaborne platform.

“Ark Peace the hospital ship, with a full-load displacement of 14,300 tons, is developed and built independently by China. Since entering service in December 2008, she has carried out “Mission Harmony” for 9 times, paid 65 port calls to 45 countries and regions, administered more than 260,000 treatments and performed nearly 1600 surgeries. The Ark Peace is acclaimed as the ship of peace, ship of life, ship of friendship and ship of culture, enjoying widespread reputation around the world.

“We’ve brought first-class equipment and apparatus. The 4000-square meter medical area of our seaborne hospital contains 8 operating theatres, 226 beds, 250 types, and altogether 2030 pieces or sets of medical apparatus, 10 lifeboats and 1 ambulance helicopter. They are providing solid hardware support to our medical services.

Some of officers inside the Ark Peace hospital ship.

“For this visit, we’ve brought first-class expert teams. The 126 medical personnel who are to attend to the local patients are not only established and experienced clinical experts, but also professors from China’s Naval Medical University. Some of our clinical departments are top-ranking in China, such as traditional Chinese medicine, gynecology and obstetrics and endocrinology,” he said.

Ming adds they have also provided first-class medical services for this visit.

“In the following 7 days, apart from our main medical platform open to local patients, we will send medical teams to churches, communities and school, and also send ambulance helicopter to other islands, to provide medical consultation and treatment, give health lectures and conduct cultural exchange activities,” he said.

The helicopter that will be used to bring health services to provinces.

On the same event Deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga welcomes the Peace Ark hospital ship of the Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army to the beautiful shores of the Solomon Islands.

“This momentous occasion marks a significant step towards strengthening the bonds of friendship, cooperation, and solidarity between our two great nations.

“We embrace your arrival here, we are thankful that our leaders, government officials and ordinary citizens of our country will have the equal opportunity to do medical check-ups and surgery on board

“As we welcome the Peace Ark to the Solomon Islands, we acknowledge the shared commitment of our nations to upholding peace, stability, and mutual understanding. This ship is a testament to the power of international partnerships in addressing humanitarian crises, promoting public health, and fostering cultural exchange,” Maelanga said.

Moreover, Ark Peace will be docking at Honiara Port from 19th to 26th August with the focus to provide free medical services to the people of Solomon Islands.

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