NPF management significant salary increase

DEAR EDITOR, I have also shared the same concerns raised by Mr Dausabea regarding the significant increase of NPF management salaries.

This is too much and quite alarming for NPF to pay that huge salary package for its managers, hence the board must be crazy and out of its mind to endorse such incompetence financial management decision.

There are bigger issues which NPF needs to immediately address and one of the major ones is lack of maintaining its properties conditions in order to sustain its physical structure and improve its book value.

Furthermore, there is no further improved innovation of investments strategies and accomplishments.

Besides, as Solomon Islander, I don’t want to see NPF go down the same pathway of the former Development Bank of Solomon Islands (DBSI).

So sad to say that the action taken by NPF board and management is just like a shadow or copy paste strategy which killed off DBSI forever.

NPF board needs to make decisions based on its duty of care and due diligence to act and protect the interests of NPF, its members and stakeholders.

PM Hou and Minister of Finance must act and intervene asap to save our Provident Fund’s lifesaving scheme.

J Diau


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