Alarming string of killings in Honiara


The increasing number of unnecessary deaths over a space of one month is just alarming.

It is starting to not be spontaneous, as first thought, and occurring too often that it is dangerously close to becoming a trend.

These deaths occur with proximity or involvement of alcohol, youths and common hangout spots in Honiara.

Just the past weekend alone there was report of another unnecessary death which stemmed from alcohol-related disagreements, and some retaliatory violence which led to the hospitalisation of a man before the intervention of the political leaders of the rival groups.

Before that there was a string of killings a week apart from each other, most prominent of which was the death of the member of the elite police PRT unit.

And, before all these deaths, reports of assaults by youths on innocent members of public.

Most of these are recorded in media reports, either on mainstream or on social media.

I am just wondering what is going on here.

And, whether national political leaders, municipal leaders, community leaders and parents and guardians are doing anything at all about it, especially those of which these crimes are reportedly taking place in and those involved, especially alleged perpetrators, are from.

I see that the pub in which the PRT officer was killed has been closed down.

There are also known informal settlements nearby which are known hubs of groups of people known as beligas which to date have not been touched.

Once again, where are our leaders, and is there anything being done?

Yours sincerely,

Irwin Angiki

S11019376, USP

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