Conspiracy case set for trial


The case against a man accused of conspiring to commit arson has been re-set to run from June 17-25.

The matter was mentioned on Friday last week.

Court adjourned the case of June 5 for interim mention.

John Damusi is charged with one count of conspiracy to commit felony, namely arson.

Mr Damusi was initially charged with a co-accused, Moses Su’u. However, Court has heard that Mr Su’u had died in April this year.

Prosecution in an earlier session asked court to acquit the deceased, Su’u.

This leaves Damusi to face court alone. He has pleaded not guilty.

Allegations said Damusi participated in a scheme aimed at causing harm to various government national projects and critical infrastructure within Honiara.

Damusi is alleged to have met with other people, along with his dead former co-accused, and had conspired to commit arson in a series of meetings between March 17 and May 6, 2023.

These meetings allegedly took place at Hammock Beach, North West Guadalcanal.

The matter was reported to police and both men were arrested and dealt with accordingly.

Mary-Anne Zurenuoc of DPP acts for state and Delilah Kukura of PSO act for John Damusi.

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