Alarming lack of proper toilet facilities revealed in the 2019 Census Report


THE 2019 Census report has brought to light a concerning issue that a significant percentage of households in rural areas lack access to proper toilet facilities or have none at all.

The findings stated that close to half of all households find themselves without access to toilets, resorting to open defecation practices, while others make use of unhygienic toilet facilities.

This alarming situation underscores the urgent need for health awareness programs and assistance in the introduction and improvement of toilet facilities.

Honiara recorded more than half of the households (59%) that had access to flash toilets.

The 2019 Census report has unveiled a stark reality that demands immediate attention.

 A high proportion of households across the nation are grappling with inadequate sanitation facilities. Close examination of the data reveals that nearly 50% of households are without proper toilets, forcing them to resort to open defecation practices. This not only raises grave health concerns but also highlights a glaring lack of basic sanitation infrastructure in many communities.

The need for a comprehensive approach to address this pressing issue cannot be overstated.

The 2019 Census report serves as a stark reminder of the work that lies ahead, but it also presents an opportunity for positive change. Let us take action now to address this pressing issue and improve the quality of life for countless individuals and families across the nation.

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