Afio AHC not well resourced: MPA Pola


The Afio Area Health Centre (AFC) is reportedly not well equipped with medical apparatus, drugs and human capacity.

This is according to the Member of Provincial Assembly for ward 21 (Raroisu’su ward) in Malaita Province Dickson Pola.

“As one of the concern leaders, the issue of having one of our Area Health centres not well equipped with human capacity, medical drugs and equipment worries me a lot,” Pola said.

He said during the handing over event of this AHC last year there is still no effective health care services this hospital is delivering.

“It seems that the main aim of constructing this mini hospital is not being achieved.”

Pola said Minister of Health and Medical Services Dr Culwick Togamana when handing the Afio Area Health Centre assured the people of Southern Region of Malaita that within a couple of months after the handover occasion the facility would be well equipped with human resources and necessary equipment.

“I can confirm here that after the official handing over there is nothing much happen.

“Therefore, I call on the ruling DCGA and its ministry responsible to quickly consider the health care services for the people of southern region, where is the goal of universal health coverage, is the Roll Delineation policy archived its objective or just a piece of note,” he said.

Pola adds, Afio Area Health centre was built to address the issue of transporting sick patients to Kilu’ufi hospital and Honiara by Out Board Motor to prevent avoidable deaths.

He in the same note called on the current southern Region Member of Parliament and Member of Provincial Assemblies work collaboratively in addressing this issue.

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