12 male candidates for West Kwara’ae by-election


A total of 12 male candidates have been nominated to contest the West Kwara’ae by-election.

This was confirmed by the electoral team at the nomination centre at Buma after the close of nominations at 4pm yesterday.

Election Manager, Mr David Filia Tuita said “as of the closed of nomination at 4pm, 12 candidates have been nominated to contest the by-election.

He said a list of the candidates will be published by the Election Commission’s office later.

According to the timeline for the by-election;

  • Wednesday 12th April 2023, last day of delivery of nomination papers (closed) [sect.59] publishing of ballot paper draw notice [sect.74 (2)(a)]
  • Thursday 13th April 2023, last day of checking validity of nomination papers (closed) [sect.64 (1)(b)]
  • Friday 14th April 2023, last day of withdrawal of candidature [sect.66 (2)]
  • Wednesday 19th April 2023, last day of ballot paper draw [set.74 (2)(a)]

The closed of nomination yesterday will begin the political campaign for intending candidates until the last day of campaigning on 22nd May 2023.

Polling day or election day for west Kwara’ae by-election will be on May 24.

So far, Malaita province held three by-elections under this current term. Two provincial by-elections for wards 18 and 28 and one national by-election for West Kwaio constituency.

Fourth for the province will be the upcoming by-election for West Kwara’ae constituency.

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