Police shed light on rising suicide cases among young people, appeal for community & family help


The rate of suicide among young people is increasing across the country.

And, police are calling on communities and families to help tackle this problem which has been allowed to worsen silently.

Police continue to receive reports of suicide involving young victims.

Deputy Police Commissioner Ian Vaevaso said dealing with suicide cases is tough for police to deal with alone “due to many interconnected problems”.

Finding out why young people, or any age-group for that matter, take such steps is not simple, Mr Vaevaso said in a recent press conference.

He said some of the suicide cases are influenced by pressures, particularly from families and other social issues.

Vaevaso said police are ‘aware of the importance of tackling this urgent issue’ but cannot deal with it alone.

Giving insight to the difficult task of proactively addressing suicide cases, Vaevaso said police needs to put together detailed reports about each suicide case as the findings can then help create better ways to prevent such incidents.

This includes having more focused support systems, effective prevention plans, and campaigns to spread awareness, he adds.

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