4 clinics in Northeast Malaita face drug shortage



FOUR clinics in North East Malaita are facing shortages in medicinal drugs.

This adds on to nearby Takwa clinic which had already issued out an SOS call with a similar problem.

Takwa clinic in Northeast Malaita is operating with only Paracetamol, Septrin and Amoxicillin drugs only. Now four other clinics are voicing out the same problem.

The four sister clinics are Molatabi, Gwaunatolo, Kwailabesi in Lau/Mbaelelea constituency and A’ata clinic in Baegu/Asifola constituency.

Island Sun understands that low efficiency in drugs distribution to these clinics is the main reason for the shortage.

Supervising Director of Nursing for Kilu’ufi Hospital, Mr Richard Maegerea said they have not received any report of such situations from the said clinics.

He adds their pharmacy is also not aware of the reports.

Maegerea said there is process to follow by collecting reports from the pharmacy before drugs are supplied to any clinic.

He reassures that they have taken serious note of the report and will ‘follow up’ on it.

Maegerea said Kilu’ufi will continue keep in touch with Malu’u clinic to verify the problem these clinics experienced.

This has been the centre of hot debate in the Facebook forum of Lau/Mbaelelea constituency.

Commenters say it is a problem of immense degree which authorities should address immediately.

They also call for the constituency’s working together with the responsible authorities.

The Lau/Baelelea forum encourages constituency and its people not to rely much on responsible authorities but be initiative enough to take up responsibilities.

This will help find best solutions and attract partners for support, the Forum said.

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