Mystery taro disease prompts call on MAL


MYSTERIOUS disease causing taro plants to wilt before bearing is prompting people in Northwest Choiseul to call on the Agriculture ministry (MAL) for help.

Suspecting the disease, Teresia Vinequana on behalf of Varisi Lavata subsistence farmers at Ward 12 said they are concerned as this is a threat to one of their main food crops providing both food and income.

“Taro is one of the main food crops providing food and income for us therefore we call on the experts of MAL to assess this situation as taro sizes are also shrinking,” said Mrs Vinequana.

“If there is truly an unknown disease circulating then we need advice on how to stop or control it from the local crop food.”

Director of Extension from MAL Mr Micheal Hoota when contacted over the concern yesterday said that they have not received any report yet but will check with staff on the field to carry out work from there.

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