US reaffirms support for SI

US Ambassdor Ebert-Gray, PM Hou and US Consular Agent to SI Keithie Saunders.

UNITED States Ambassador to Solomon Islands Catherine Ebert-Gray has spoken highly of Prime Minister Rick Hounipwela’s administration on the current reforms and plans undertaken by the Government.

Ambassador Ebert-Gray praised the Government in its effort to bring about change which has brought back a lot of confidence to the donor community.

She was also particularly impressed with the Government’s commitment to pass the anti-corruption bill and with the Government’s legislative programme.

“We acknowledge you and your Government for the reforms you have undertaken and also for your efforts in stabilising your country’s finances as part of your Government’s priorities,” she said.

The United States ambassador also took the opportunity to brief the Prime Minister on the current Trump administration’s Indo-Pacific Strategy and also the United States Asia Pacific Policy.

Ebert –Gray also reaffirmed United States’ support to the Solomon Islands through the Green Climate Change Fund Support as well as Gender Violence programmes in the country.

She also commended the Prime Minister for re-engaging donor partners with the vision to bring back confidence to the international community.

Houenipwela in response, thanked the US Government for its continuous support.

He also thanked the United States for its continuous support in empowering women in the society.

“Despite the cultural challenges, women have played significant roles in our society and I am pleased to see a lot of women now holding top positions in Government and the private sector. The Government has and will always support and encourage women participation in the society,” he said.

The Prime Minister also thanked the ambassador for the positiveness shown by the United States in supporting his Government.


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