Zero tolerance for absconded workers: PS Beck


Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade (MFAET) Collin Beck has issued a stern warning to seasonal workers not to flee their designated companies signed under their contracts.

Mr Beck says they are aware of the issues where workers abandoned their work they signed for and seek other opportunities.

Beck said this when he was asked on how MFAET will deal with the issue during MFAET’s media conference on Wednesday.

“The contracts are tied to the visa, once a worker is absconded, he or she is basically breaking the law of the host country.

Beck said they are aware of some cases but it is not that big that affects the entire programme.

“There is zero chances, workers who did that are doing that at their own demise.

“They are basically breaking the contract and will be eliminated from the system.

“It should never undermine the chances for other workers participate in the programme,” Beck said.

Meanwhile, Beck urged those who will participated under LMU to behave properly, follow rules and not to do illegal activities that might undermine the LMU programme.

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