Zero case

Solomon Islands still covid-19 free


THE results of the remaining two COVID-19 suspected case have returned negative bringing the country zero case to date.
This was confirmed by Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) Mrs. Pauline McNeil during a talkback show on COVI-19 updates held at the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Cooperation (SIBC) on Sunday 19th April.

“I would like to confirm now that the last two results have come back negative, therefore of all the 13 cases to date all have detected negative results.

“Basically, we have zero case and also zero at the quarantine sites. This does not mean to say that we complacent but we must continue to exercise the public health measures that has been advocated for by all our front liners,” PS McNeil said.

She said when the results of these remaining cease returned, they too follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in forming the general public and the procedures was well completed.

According to a statement PS McNeil expressed that Solomon Islands is one of the few countries that is COVID19 free.
She encouraged all to fight together in this fight to stop the importation of this virus.

“Solomon Islands is one of a few countries that are yet free from COVID 19 and with the results received, the ministry is not going to give up the fight to prevent and protect its nationals,” she said.

Despite the latest good results, Mrs. McNeil reminds the public that “this is no time for complacency and we must continue to fight together in this fight,” she said.

She encouraged the public to remain vigilant and continue to practice the good healthy hygiene practices such as washing hands regularly with soap, cover cough and sneezes, avoid overcrowding gatherings, keep away at least 1meter-2 meters away from sick people or us mask if you are sick or looking after sick person.

“These health practices can always keep us safe from COVID-19,” she said.

Mrs. McNeil also reminds the citizens living at the borders of Solomon Islands to adhere to authorities’ advices.

“COVID-19 is not in the country, it can only be imported, therefore people living in our borders must keep away from going to nearby countries via out boat motors or other means. The Ministry will continue to do its best to prevent importation of this pandemic disease,” she said.

The Ministry continues to appeal to the general public to avoid rumors, misleading information and speculation, but instead obtain accurate and correct information from the government.

Meanwhile she thanked everyone who have prayed during the course of the State of Emergency.
“I would to thank everyone who have prayed during the course of this state of emergency as well,” she said.

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