Youth@Work and Friends of the city help public aware of HCC’s litter ordinance

COMMUNITY service work is now underway for more than 290 youth who are part of Y@W’s 14th phase intake.

Starting on Wednesday this week, selected youth have been assisting Honiara City Council alongside Friends of the city to do public awareness on the HCC litter Ordinance, in various areas within the city.

The rest of the other youth who are not involved in the public awareness are back in their respective communities doing general clean ups to cover a required period of 80 hours within three weeks.

The Group Leader for Y@W – Training and Registration Ms Joyce Aburii says: “Community service work is the first step in which young people who have applied for Y@W’s internship and entrepreneurs components must undertake to prove their commitment towards the programme.”

The No-Litter one week awareness completes today with next week kick starting the next step.

She continued by saying, assisting out the HCC and Friends of the city is a new strategy for the programme, yet we see it as a way forward in strengthening our partnerships.

The Chief Health Inspector George Titiulu said, “It is very encouraging to work with young people. We believe, we are working with young advocators who will carry on the sense of responsibility in their future.

“As a way forward I see that this circle will grow encouraging a wider collaboration between the government and other multi-sectors.”

The Coordinator for Friends of the City Judah Suimae said, “it is very good to see young people involving in such activities, they are the future of this country, and it is good to see that they take up the ownership in building the future they want, a future where the city look good and clean.

Booths werre set up along the HCC area manned by Y@W youth and a HCC staff.

“I would like to thank their young hearts and their commitment to working with us in these three weeks.

“I believe that is we all have a same vision, to keep our city clean we can reach a positive outcome.”

Florence Kelomae a youth from Tasahe community who participated in the No littering awareness said, “Going out in the streets and doing this awareness inspired me to take the lead in keeping our city clean and it is very encouraging when the general public supports the campaign.”

Y@W staff along with HCC and Friends of the City will work closely for the City’s clean environment for the next three weeks.

Youth@Work Coordinator, Ms Raywin Taroaniara states that “Community service provide the chance for these young people to give back to the community, cultivating a sense of responsibility and commitment as well as getting to know each other, before they can continue with other activities that the programme will offer”.

Youth@Work currently works with the Honiara City Council Rapid employment in providing tools and identifying sites for these young people to work at.

Community service continues in few communities whilst awareness is ongoing on the streets with selected communities coming out to help HCC and Friends of the city.

After completing 80 hours of community service work youth will be then able to undertake pre-employment and basic business trainings to get them to be work ready and know what it takes to run successful businesses.

Community service continues until August 10.

Youth@Work Phase 14 youth working alongside Friends of the City


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