Youths undergo entrepreneurship training

Youth participants at Laugwata community
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Youth @work team leader for Malaita province Ronnie Abuito’o during the opening of the two weeks of youth training at Laugwata village on Wednesday.

MORE than 30 youths within the central region of Malaita province are currently in training for two weeks at Laugwata community, starting on Wednesday.

During the official opening programme on Wednesday, [email protected] team leader for Malaita Mr Ronnie Abuito’o welcomed all youth participant for their positive response towards the two weeks of training which commence yesterday.

He said [email protected] sees the need for youths that have been isolated and doing nothing in the communities.

[email protected] is in its height trying to involve youths in malaita province finding ways for employment and involving them in economical activities especially in small business.

“At the moment we are working together with youths with our two main components, they are internship and Entrepreneurship.

“These two weeks of training mainly with youths that under component two, entrepreneurship where after completing these two weeks of training they will receive some financial support from the [email protected] office to run their respective small business activities.

“The topics that will be covered for the next 13 days are, self esteem, goal setting, innovating mindset development, introduction to small business, piggery and chicken husbandry, peace building, NCD and its impact on the youth, CBRM, Agro forestry and youth leadership, team work and community service.

“This is where the [email protected] programmes basically see the need of our unemployed youths in our communities that would bring them to the next stage of life from isolating and involving themselves in other unti-social behaviors in our societies today.”

Youth participants at Laugwata community

This is the final group for this year to undergo the component two trainings (entrepreneurship) where next year we will be looking forward to involve more youths in our ongoing programmes for 2019, Abuito’o revealed.

Youths from Abalolo in the Langalanga lagoon, Kwaibala in Auki and youths from Laugwata community are attending the two weeks of training.