Taiwan supports NRH with antibiotics and microscope


Group photo of the delegation from Taiwan with NRH officials after receiving medical suppliers donation on Wednesday.

DELEGATION from the Republic of China (Taiwan) handed over donation of antibiotics and teaching microscope to the National Referral Hospital on Wednesday.

The donation is a follow-up on previous medical supplies Taiwan government through the Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital donated in response to the recent drug shortage.

On Wednesday, Taiwan delegation met with NRH CEO Dr Steve Aumanu, Dr John Hue medical superintendent and Mr Selwyn Hou director of nursing.

The meeting was purposely to handover medical suppliers to NRH as additional medical suppliers which the Taiwan Health Center previously sent on July 17.

This round, the delegation donated Rocephin (third generation cephalosporin) 3,000 Vials, one laptop and a nellcor-portable-spo2-patient-monitor, one teaching microscope and 2,500 cassettes.

The medical supplies cost Taiwan Government and people of Taiwan almost SBD$ 280,000.

According to Taiwan Embassy, the antibiotics Rocephin is brand drug with good curative effect to cure bactericidal infectious diseases.

It also adds, the portable-spo2-patient-monitoring system could be used to check patient heart rate and blood oxygen saturation which is easy to carry and could be used in everywhere.

The teaching microscope and 2,500 cassettes from Ministry of Health and Welfare will be used as training purposes, the Embassy said.

It allows physicians to lecture the interns by watching the same slide and improves training quality.

There were 300 activated carbon flat type masks will be sent to pathology department as personal protective equipment.

The Taiwan Health Centre (THC) said with the donation Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital also donated two brand new air conditioners for dengue fever laboratory.

This particularly to address the unstable electric power and restore the air conditioners in dengue fever laboratory that were broken.

Taiwan’s delegations visited NRH yesterday are representatives from Ministry of Health and Welfare Taiwan and Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital (KMUH).

The visit aimed to understand current operation of Taiwan Health Centre and health collaboration between Taiwan and Solomon Islands.

They are Dr Yuan-Nian, HSU Chief Executive Officer, Hospital and Social Welfare Organizations Administration Commission and Chief Strategic Officer for the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Wen-Li, YANG.

Wen-Che Yen, researcher of Office of International Cooperation Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taipei City Hospital, Professor Chao Yuan Wang Vice-superintendent of KMUH and Mr Wei-Chou (David) Chang Senior Specialist of KMUH and Yu Chau Lin senior nurse of KMUH.

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