Youth entrepreneurship component frontload training ends

Youths pose in a group photo.
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FIFTY youths in and around Kilusakwalo area have completed a two-week entrepreneurship front load training at kilusakwalo last Friday.

These youths have gone through topics including Self Esteem and positive mindset development, Goal setting, introduction to business, introduction to pig industry, agro- forestry, community base resource management, non communicable disease on its effect on youth population, sexual transmission infection, community policing, life in prison, Bank awareness from BSP bank, youth development and community service and youth empowerment strategy (Pacifica).

According to Richard Olita from the [email protected] office in Auki, these young people are well equipped with information from the lessons taught during the past two weeks.

Youths pose in a group photo.

“They are well informed with new ideas and learnt new skills from these two weeks of training.

Olita added these youths are also preparing for the next set of training after 14 days in community service programmes in their communities starting yesterday.

The next load of training will be for the next three weeks after the community service programme where it will mainly focuses on business training and agro-business.

Mr Olita said these 50 youth members will be graduated after the three weeks training starting by the end of this month and 50 projects will be given out after the training to the 50 recipients.

Mainly the projects are piggery projects, Olita revealed.

“I thanked SPC for their financial support towards this training and also for the projects.”