Empowering rural women in Solomon Islands


THE Australian Government in the Solomon Islands has recognise the powerful contributions Rural Women are making in their communities.

As it becomes now a Global concern, where especially many of our rural women are struggling to earn a living to provide for their families, the Australia with the supports of its NGO Cooperation program (ANCP) together with the International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) have set up Income Generation Groups to see how rural women stands up to lead with support.

The initiation in its support for local rural women will not only see group members normally qualify for loans from straight financial institutions, but as well access to capital as they gain financial and vocational skills to enhance their capacity to generate income.

Hence, though rural women are also key agents for achieving the transformational economic, environmental and social changes required for sustainable development, yet, they still experience limited access to recognition, are among the many challenges they face, which are further forced by the global food and economic crises and climate change.

Thus, empowering them is key not only to the well-being of individuals, families and rural communities, but also to overall economic productivity, given women’s large presence in the agricultural workforce worldwide.

The initiation also aims to empower rural women to claim their rights to land, leadership, opportunities and choices, and to participate in shaping laws, policies and programmes.

Evidence shows that this incentives productivity gains, enhanced growth and improved development prospects for current and future generations.

Furthermore, the initiatives also engages with governments to develop and implement laws and policies that will promote equal rights, opportunities and participation so that rural women can benefit from trade and finance, market their goods and make a strong contribution to inclusive economic growth.

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