Your vote is your voice

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DEAR EDITOR, this is a common sentiment often advertised during election period that advocate the roles of the legislative elected members of parliament.

The major roles and obligation of MPs voted into parliament is to make appropriated legislatives that help address common issues that affect the lives of the people in the nation.

They represent the voice of the people and must be proactive and voiceful in parliament during debating, scrutinizing and making changes within our legislatives.

The nation currently need to change some of the old colonial laws that still exit in the productive resources government line ministries such as the forestry, fisheries, agriculture, lands and mining that are already expired, non-relevant and may not helpful towards the economic resources beneficiaries of this nation.

And so the nation is in a critical need for proactive and voiceful MPs to make changes towards productive regulations and legislatives especially in our resources sectors that safeguard our natural resources from unsustainable and over exploitation usages by the acutely incoming of the foreigners that has been experience today

Solomon Islands is 40 years old after gaining independent in 1978 a matured age nation that should now has its owned well designed and strong productive legislatives in its resources sectors that protect its natural resources for its people future benefits and prosperity.

While the foreigners who have nothing at their homelands have come and hugely benefit themselves harvesting our natural resources at the unsustainable and destructive manner mostly within the forestry and fisheries sectors with little or none benefits at all under the current national legislatives that govern our resources sector without any changes done by our MPs does not make sense and is so very abusive towards the rights of the people from gaining maximum benefits out of their resources.

It only reflects poorly on the elected legislative MPs who form government that fail desperately to perform their roles and obligation mandated by the voters and citizens of this nation.

The most MPs elected into parliament do not have great concern for the welfare of the nation but are there for their own hidden agenda. They become voiceless, visionless, non-knowledgeable and proactive when debating important legislatives that essential towards the future prosperity of the nation.

If this nation continues with such a trench of leadership, our natural resources will be depleting at the fast rate with little or non-benefits by the locals in many years to come. This is a very sad situation for this beloved nation Solomon Islands.

The 2019 national election is coming nearer and the nation is in great need for change in legislative leadership that has new height of visionary level that has political will venturing into manipulating the legislatives that help towards benefiting the nation.

Those proposed MPs who wish to contest 2019 national election must prepare to face the challenges in leaderships to acquire changes needed by the people.

The nation no longer want to entertain voiceless, visionless non-knowledgeable and sleeping MPs in the parliament house who only wish to benefit from RCDF and other government funds to build their own wealth at the expenses of the poor voters of this nation.

This nation needs very constructive MPs who should have vision towards manipulating the usages of our abundance natural resources to benefit the nation or else we will be continuing slaving in our own land under the leadership that has no visions for the nation in many years to come.

The establishment of strong and vibrant legislative that govern the nation resources is important for the future prosperity of our children. And so electing the right leaders is the way forwards for this nation.

Your vote is your voice in parliament that enable your future prosperity.


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