Naru Wan dancing group from Taiwan colours MACFest 2018


 NARU Wan dancing group from the Republic of China (Taiwan) made a spectacular cultural performance at the Panatina Melanesian Village and the Art Gallery on Monday.

Friends of Taiwan representing 16 tribes in Taiwan made a stunning performance highlighting the cultures of the people living in the coastals and highlands.

Monday’s performance came from the Paiwan tribe and Amis tribe in their colourful cultural costumes decorated with designs reflecting the coastal and mountain people and elegant dances which are a collection of the 16 tribes’ cultural beliefs.

Director General for Indigenous People Cultural Development Centre, Council of Indigenous People in Taiwan Mr
Tseng Chih Yung picture with the Taiwan performers

Director General for Indigenous People Cultural Development Centre, Council of Indigenous People in Taiwan Mr Tseng Chih Yung said their entire cultural performance showcased to MSG members highlight the coastal and mountain dwellers in Taiwan.

He said in their cultural dance they want to tell the Melanesians who are part of the 6th Melanesian Arts and Cultural Festival that its purpose of participating is to tell all that Taiwan preserves its culture through songs and dances.

Mr Yung said the Taiwanese grouping performed on Monday is actually from different tribes, not just Paiwan and Amis and they are here to tell its traditions and beliefs.

Spectacular performance made by the Naru Wan dancing group of Taiwan.

“Our purpose of coming at the MACFest is to tell everyone that we preserve out traditional through songs and dances, this is us, we are minority but we are strong in preserving our own culture,” he said

Yung said, “We present sound of our land and sound of our culture, so our story is we bring our past and connect with younger generation goes forward to the future.

“Other than dance and songs, we also bring our traditional handicraft that was passing down from thousands of years, the way it made and we love to share with everyone and the MSG members.”

Making a style meaning a story of a culture and traditional beliefs.

Meanwhile, Naru Wan dancing group did three performances yesterday. They brightened the morning programme at the Melanesian Village poolside at Panatina, and in the afternoon graced the public at the Art Gallery with their mermerising dances. In the evening they took to the main stage to the delight of the crowd who have grown to love our brothers and sisters from Taiwan.

As all good things must come to an end, today ends the MACFest 2018, and our Taiwanese Melanesians leave the country for home on Thursday July 12.

Amis tribe dancing a song reflecting the activities of people live by the coastal areas.

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