Young people lose trust and confidence in RSIPF


Community youth groups under the HCC-YSWD and HYC undergo leadership training supported by the Solomon
Islands Police Support Programme under the Niu Future programme.

YOUNG people within Honiara City have lost trust and confidence on the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force which have inspired the New Zealand government to step in and provide support through the Niu Future programme.

Currently, RSIPF and New Zealand Government through Solomon Islands Police Support Programme have initiated a Niu Future programme and have collaborated with HCC-Youth, Sports and Women Division and Honiara Youth Council.

Their partnership is aimed to bring back trust and confidence of young people in the RSIPF, and to operationalise the Crime Prevention Strategy of which young people is one of the big drivers of demand of the country.

Deputy Team Leader for the Solomon Islands Police Support Programme (SISP) Mr George Fa’alogo said the Niu Future programme was initiated with a focus to prove trust and confidence of young people.

And furthermore to use leadership potential of young people for social and economic development of Solomon Islands, particularly Honiara, he adds.

Fa’alogo said they are engaging with the HCC-YSWD and HYC because they already have more than 2000 registered members with 130 youth groups, and it would easy to regain trust and confidence of young people towards RSIPF.

He said such partnership is a good one because HCC-YSWD and HYC already have networks with the communities within Honiara.

“What we find out in the first workshop are young people having mistrust in the RSIPF, and so in order for us to regain that trust we have to engage with young people— so HCC-YSWD and HYC already have that network,” he said.

Meanwhile, regarding the current status of the Niu Future programme, Fa’alogo said they are now in phase three which is the Youth Leadership Retreat underway at the Ginger Beach and mentoring programme soon as phase-four.

He said outcome of the three phases was very satisfying especially to see young people carryout leadership role and begin to build confidence in the RSIPF.

We have a three phase programme, the first phase in consultation workshop from the 14 March 2018, and from that workshop we have 28 young people.

Fa’alogo said, “Issue came out from that workshop is young people want to achieve aspect around relationship, opportunities pathway either through employment or education and health and wellbeing.”

“The third phase of the programme is youth retreat and we have 17 young people who have been running workshop.

“They are here now as facilitators to help trained another 15 young people—15 are facilitators of last workshop and 15 new participants.

“It is very satisfying on the day-two of the youth leadership retreat to see young people gaining confidence and ability and see the way they mentoring other young people.”

Once the retreat finish, next phase in mentoring programme, he said.

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