Yonema marks first anniversary as a partner of World Vision

The initiative that YONEMA Community in Temotu Province takes to dedicate October 1 as their anniversary speaks of the excellent work of World Vision Solomon Islands through its Community Channel of Hope (CCOH) Project. 

Yonema Community combines three communities behind the Graciosa Bay, Yoo, Nep, and Mateone communities. 

World Vision first reached the community on October 1, 2020, through the Channel of Hope Project (CCOH).

CCOH faith-based approach seems a breakthrough for the organisation in this community.

Children singing

It set history for the first time a World Vision Project to working in this community despite its existence in the province for up to 20 years.

The decision to extend the project to Yonema was seen as a blessing to the community residents as testimonies of the positive impacts of the CCOH approach are heart-warming.

In honor of that, the community residents dedicated October 1 as the anniversary to commemorate this partnership.

The first celebration was on October 1, 2021, and naming the anniversary “YONEMA Day”.

Speaking during the commemoration, Yonema Community Hope and Action Team (CHAT) Chairperson James Nina described October 1 as a day which the Yonema community was born. 

“Today marks a particular time in the history of YONEMA, and as a Chairperson for YONEMA CHAT group, we are going to celebrated this day in the years to come even though World Vision will leave,” Mr Nina said. 

YONEMA community

Nina also appealed to residents to make good use of the knowledge and garden tools that other World Vision projects have donated to them. 

Meanwhile, Guest of Honour and Member of Provincial Assembly for Graciosa Bay Ward (Ward 9) Cecil Mona thanked World Vision for the changes it imparted to the lives of community residents. 

“I am happy and would like to thank World Vision Solomon Islands for its projects for imparting change in the lives of community residents. This partnership has touched the heart of the provincial government,” he said.

Mona also urged community residents for a stronger relationship with World Vision. 

Interestingly, Yonema Day commemorations happened alongside the World Vision’s calendar of a prayer day and the beginning of a new financial year.


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