WWII remains cleared from PG sites

By Taromane Martin

THE report on the UXO work on clearing the sites for the 2023 Pacific Games stadiums and facilities in Honiara is expected to be finalized at the end of the month.

Work on clearing these sites according to UXO Team supervisor Mr Albert IIisia started on Wednesday May 6th and is expected to be completed on May 29th.

National Hosting Authority (NHA) Chief Executive Officer Mr Christian Nieng told SunSPORTS yesterday that work on clearing the sites at Panatina and King George Six will continue over the coming days in order to get the sites ready for the next stage of construction.

He said the UXO work had been a good exercise and was necessary to allow the PRC design team who will construct the stadium to start the Geo-Tech work on these sites.

Empty shells used during WWII that were removed from the sites for the Pacific Games stadiums. Work to clear the sites will continue with the final report expected to be completed at the end of the month…Picture Supplied

“The UXO work is ongoing. Final reports expected by end of the month to prepare for PRC design work to start,” Nieng said.

 “Some of the findings the UXO team has uncovered so far include some live ammunitions of 50mm shells, Japanese grenade, shell casing of ammunition fired from ships, loads of anti-aircraft machine gun bullets.

“There was an airfield mating site uncovered and also some fuel drums plus other things. These were found at SINIS area, SINI Panatina filed and KGVI fields. So this is a really good exercise.

“The Geo-Tech work has already started however these sites need to be cleared first before they do Geo-Tech,” The NHA CEO said.

Meanwhile key projects confirmed by NHA for construction are the Solomon Islands National Institute of Sports High Performance Center at the former SINPF land) funded by Solomon Islands government, Multipurpose Futsal Hall at the SINU Panatina funded by Indonesia and a total of seven projects to be funded by the People’s Republic of China to be constructed at the lands offered by SINU, SIFF and MEHRD.

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