WPG under tight schedule


WESTERN Provincial Assembly and Administration are working around the clock to ‘stabilise’ the province’s yearly requirements.

In an interview with Island Sun, Speaker of Western Province Ramrakha Talasasa said his office is trying its best to achieve numerous requirements in a very short time.

“Right now we are trying to get the province’s business back in track.

“We expect to elect our new Premier this Friday and we are expecting a new executive next week.

“If the executive is established, we will then appoint the Provincial Public Accounts Committee (PPAC) to look at the supplementary budget 2022/2023 as well as the 2023/2024 Appropriation Ordinance (2023/2024 budget.

“To be frank, there is no time to make good preparation,” he said.

Talasasa said his office and the Province Admin have established a timeline to achieve all that are required.

He said one of the immediate requirements is to appoint PPAC members as soon as the new government is established.

“PPAC is an important component under the provincial government processes as such we are eying to elect the members soon as the new government is formed.

“By the look of things, there will be two more assembly meetings before the supplementary budget and appropriation budget are tabled.

“We will meet to appoint the PPAC then another meeting will be held to appoint the deputy speaker.

“There is no breathing space for the assembly from now until March,” he explained.

He said the Ministry of Provincial Government is to blame for the disarray that has put Western Province in an awkward position.

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