Workshop on marine management for communities



COMMUNITIES recently being installed with FAD or rafters around Malaita province have shown interest to pursue MPA or LMMA.

Principal Fisheries Officer under Malaita Provincial Fishery, Mr Martin Jasper said while deploying the Fish Aggregating Devises (FAD) or rafters last month they also encourage communities to protect their marine resources.

He said they told them if are interested to work towards establishing Marine Protected Area (MPA) or Local Marine Manage Area (LMMA).

Jasper said recently few communities agreed to pursue marine management initiatives, they include, Fote, Rufoki Mana’ere, Pita’ama, Afufu and Suava.

“So if they show interest on managing their resource, we will provide them with training on the importance of the FADs.

“The training is to educate people on the efforts they should do when having the FADs in their areas.

“This is the main reason behind the FAD project to encourage communities to protect their inshore marine resources.

“During the training we’ll look at educating them how to do marine management plan and other areas needed to understand in executing the management plan,” he said.

Jasper said the training is very important as a follow-up of the FADs deployed to teach the communities with knowledge and skills to manage or look after their marine resource.

He said they are working on funds and if available they are looking at rolling with the training towards mid this month.

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