Mayor questioned on missing $150k


CONCERNED voters of Ward 12 in the East Honiara are urging the Honiara City Council to clarify the missing $150,000 which had been allocated by the ministry of Home Affairs for the ward’s by-election in 2016.

The ward has been without council representation since 2016, and the Ministry of Home Affairs says that it has already given $150,000 for the HCC to hold a by-election, but since then there has been none.

Voters of the ward are questioning what has become of the money, and are demanding that the mayor gives answers.

“The Mayor as head of the council is, as mandatory, responsible for this mess, hence he should explain to us what has become of the $150,000 that the ministry of home affairs had given in 2016 for the by-election for our ward 12,” a concerned voter said.

Under the HCC Act 1999 in the case of a By-election—section 10 (1) subject to subsection (3) where the seat of a member of the City Council is vacant, an election shall be held to fill the vacancy.

Section 10 (2) clearly states the date of the election shall be fixed by the Ministry and shall not be later than three months after the vacancy has come to his notice.

With this, concerned voters say the HCC and the Mayor are in breach of their own ordinance.

They are demanding to have a council representative before the end of the council’s term, adding that they have been missing out on the funds meant for the wards for two years.

Budget allocation each ward receives includes; Christmas fund account to $20,000, Independence fund $20,000 and Social and cultural fund—$20,000.

There is also an Advisory fund which accounts to $60,000 and quarterly ward grant of $70,000.

Attempt for HCC’s comment was not successful yesterday.

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