More workers needed in Australia

By Mike Puia

AUSTRALIA needs more locals to work in its horticulture farms.

AgricSolutions, a seasonal worker agent for the Australian Seasonal Worker Programme (ASWP) which was approved by the government to recruit locals to work in Australia, indicated that at the moment it looks to recruit over 20 more workers.

Those who are interested in working under this programme must have clear record with the police, healthy and fit (medical check by approved doctor), over 21 years, have a passport and has an intention to enter Australia for work and return to the country after his or her employment ends.

Workers traveling to Australia under this programme are required to work for 30 hours work per week. Most workers AgricSolutions recruited work as apple fruit pickers.

AgricSolutions confirmed it will increase its recruitment as time goes on.

AgricSolutions’ announcement of its plan to do a recruitment exercise this week has attracted more locals to inquire. There is an information session proposed to be held in Honiara tomorrow.

Workers needed in this recruitment round will work in banana and citrus farms.

Interviews will be conducted on Wednesday, February 28 and Thursday, March 1, at the Labour Mobility Unit at Rove.

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