Mother of five ‘shortlisted’ for police training

By Alfred Sasako

A NORTH-WEST Choiseul housewife may have cracked the recruitment code in getting into the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) allegedly without the prerequisite requirements.

The mother of five has reportedly been “shortlisted” to undertake a series of tests which would determine whether she is qualified to be in uniform.

Her inclusion on the shortlist has prompted questions about her qualifications as well as the potential to undermine maintaining the minimum entry level into the RSIPF.

“As far as we know, she only completed Grade Six. We also know that whoever put her on the shortlist had bypassed the prerequisites requirements for everyone who wants to join the RSIPF.

“These include fitness test, which requires potential candidates to run an X-number of kilometres within a set time,” one Choiseul man from the woman’s village told Island Sun last night.

“We don’t believe she has completed the fitness test and other prerequisite requirements before being shortlisted,” the individual said.

He said the woman’s name is now on the shortlist of more than 1, 000 candidates being posted at Kukum Police Station, Central Police Station and Police Headquarters, Rove among others.

“Her selection has raised a lot of questions about the due process. It has also raised questions about maintaining the minimum entry requirement into the RSIPF.

“We believe the minimum education entry level in RSIPF is Form 5 and 6,” one informant told Island Sun.

“Her entry on the shortlist is a clear case of corruption in the RSIPF. We demand that this matter be investigated,” they said.

Island Sun was unable to get a comment from the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force media.

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