Emergency centre fears more yet to be reported from earthquake


The National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) says it is expecting more reports of damage and impacts from Tuesday 22nd November 7.3 earthquake.

The Centre says this as it released its first situational report on 23rd November 2022.

According to its report, for Honiara City three people were reported to have sustained minor injuries, AJ Mall, Hyundai Mall and Anthony Saru building were the first to be reported after the earthquake.

“According to the Initial Situational Overview fly-over conducted, the following are conclusions were made from the observations at the most exposed location where the earthquake occurred.

“There were no major impacts except for the isolated pockets of landslides observed in South Guadalcanal.

“No major significant damages to building are observed.

“No significant signs of tsunami inundation observed from the coastal areas.

“People seems live normally and continue their normal activities.

“Although there were no significant major impacts, it is anticipated that isolated impacts will unfold as impacts continued to be reported by communities.

“AJ mall experienced some damages to walls and ceilings.

“At Hundai Mall, a wall was collapsed and broken tiles were observed along the corridors.

“Partial collapse of the ceiling experienced at the Development Bank of Solomon Islands inside the Anthony Saru building.”

The report revealed that a residential building collapsed at Burns Creek with one male adult sustaining minor injuries.

For Guadalcanal Province the report said that a slight increase in sea level was experienced around parts of Guadalcanal including Marau, Lambi and Hulavu and few landslides reported at Poisughu, Mataraku, and Chimba villages of Duidui ward and Tina River.

Two church building and a few houses were reported to be destroyed at Chimba village.

In Central Province abnormal currents and waves were observed but there were no reports of damages.

In Malaita, the earthquake was felt in Southern parts of Malaita but no reports of damage received so far

“There were no reports from Rennell and Bellona, Makira, Western, Isabel, Choiseul, and Temotu Provinces.” The report said.

Meanwhile, the report said the shallow earthquake of magnitude 7.3 at the depth of 10km occurred at Southwest Guadalcanal at 1203hrs on 22 November 2022.

It said no Tsunami warning was issued, with advices for rips and currents along coastal area closer to the epicentre of the Earthquake.

National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) is activated on full-on activation as at 1:00pm Tuesday 22 November and had established communications with provincial PEOCs to ascertain the scope and scale of the earthquake impacts.

“The NEOC has deployed an initial situation overview to ascertain the scope and scale of the earthquake

impact on Southwest Guadalcanal, supported by the Australian Government through the AFP-RAPPP

National Disaster Operations Committee meeting held to brief all sectors on the current situation.”

“A total of 38 aftershocks were recorded as at 1:00am this morning. Magnitude ranges from 3 to 5 rector scale and within the hypocenter of the main shock.” The report said.

A new situation report will be issued upon availability of new information, the report said.

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