Why we have rules

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OUR heart goes out to the family members of the young lad who lost his life in the accident at Fou’ala in Malaita.

For families to experience something of this nature is beyond comprehension.

This incident should bring a stern warning to public transport owners of the consequences our ignorance can cause for families.

With that we would like to pass our condolences to the family of the young lad who lost his life in that unfortunate incident and our sympathy to the driver, who didn’t foresee an accident of this sort.

This incident is one of the many unfortunate ones to occur because we fail to be careful.

We take so many things for granted and only realise our mistake when something of this sort happens.

Expiry dates are there for a reason.

Though we might feel or think that our vehicles are okay to carry passengers even after the expiry date, it is not okay.

Rules are there for many reasons, with one of them to safe guide how we conduct ourselves in society.

Had the vehicle owner brought the vehicle for routine check once it expires, problems in the vehicle would have been identified and the owner would have no choice but to fix whatever is wrong so that the vehicle is worthy once again to carry passengers!

The spare parts needed might be expensive or the licence might say to be expensive or waste of time but what is more expensive than life itself?

Spare parts can be bought or even a new vehicle can be bought.

Life is what money cannot buy back.

Let us not do something we might regret later.

Let us not let someone die before we come to our senses.