Why the delay, police?

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MEMBERS of the public are raising concern over the delay of police investigation into the missing one-link 300k exhibition money.

A resident George Lei said he supports call made by Transparency Solomon Islands for police to speed up investigations and charge those responsible.

He said the delay in how police are dealing with the case raises more questions on how they are doing their job.

“I have been reading the papers about this and many responses were given by the Commissioner and his executives during the media conference.

 “Why don’t they get out from their desks and approach the investigators who are dealing with the case and enquire as to what is wrong and why is the delay.

“While appreciating the good work police officers are doing, delay in investigating the issue of public interest portrays a bad image on the force”, Lei said.

Meanwhile, the Police media Unit in their response to queries made by Island Sun said investigations are still continuing.

Police said investigating such matter takes time as investigators will properly gather information required by the office of the Director Public Prosecution.

Investigations into the matter is still continuing. Reports on the investigation is pending to be submitted to the Director Public Prosecution (DPP) due to the delay in gathering critical submissions that will required by the DPP. It takes time in such matter but we will let us know the outcome of this investigation.” Police said.

This is in relation to the missing $300,000 cash money recovered from the Director of One-link Pacifica, during police investigations early last year which went missing under the safe custody of the police.

Previously, the police said it will be a priority investigation for the Professional Standard Internal Investigation (PSII), thus a thorough investigation will be conducted looking at all leads into how the money was stolen from the exhibit facility and that they are also looking at possible recovery of the missing money.

Transparency Solomon Islands recently raised concern that the news of the missing money under police custody is a huge blow to the image and integrity of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF). The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) trained and build the capacity of the RSIPF for more than a decade preparing them to independently perform their work to a much higher professional standard when RAMSI left.

TSI said that actions of few police officers has portrayed an image of an ill-disciplined police force, one the public can no longer have confidence and trust in.